Abandoned WWII bunkers in Switzerland

See the ghosts of WW2 through these amazing videos of this abandoned bunker.

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⚛ Video shows specific bunker ⚛

The military may have prepared for World War II to keep itself and its people safer by creating underground bunkers and secret passages for strategizing and protection.

Unique images of abandoned WWII bunkers

Videos and photos exploring lost and forgotten places from the Cold War and WW2, including everything from back-alley Soviet military hospitals to abandoned Nazi bunkers to one-time miracle escapes from Eastern Europe to overlooked Caribbean volcanic islands.

History of Cold War Era Bunkerlands

The following pictures have been somewhat staged, but undeniably eerie. These bunkers belonged to a secret bunker complex built in France by the Nazis. They remain derelict, untouched for years except for ghost-hunters and curious tourists who walk through the abandoned halls.

Abandoned WWII Bunker in caves ★★★☆☆

This abandoned bunker is fully stocked with supplies!.

#Canada's Cold War Bunker ★★★★☆

Watch this intriguing video showcasing an amazing collection of WWII bunkers and unbuilt urban masterplans. Hidden in stone, wood, and metal, these powerful and powerful artifacts capture the imagination and carry a message for all of us today.

The Abandoned Cold War Nuclear Bunker

A bunker where you can take shelter from any kind of apocalyptic event. It would have a solar-powered generator so you can have power indefinitely.

✭ Abandoned cold war nuclear bunker, urbexing ✭

A Netflix-style web series that goes into abandoned bunkers or old military compounds around the world.

✮ Abandoned Cold War bunker in a European city ✮

What would you find in an abandoned Cold War nuclear bunker?.

☣️ Images of abandoned WWII bunkers ☣️

Enter into a Mysterious WWII World War II Bunker by Using a Code from Here.

⚛ Cold War bunkers in Europe ⚛

Urbex | Fully Stock Abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker.

Explore the Spectre Bunker

"Urbex" - "Fully Stocked Abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker".

Missing persons after visiting a Cold War bunker.

There are sections of the bunker with crumbling walls.

Exploring Abandoned Bunker in Europe

Explore the Ruins of the Cold War. Abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker. 7400 m² of Gear and Weapons for you and your friends. Total: 95 broken windows and 4 broken walls.

They explore abandoned bunkers around the world.

An exciting series of abandoned nuclear bunkers around the world. This channel is exclusively focused on the Cold War, Chernobyl, and underground facilities around the world that you can explore to see remnants of the old Cold War.


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Cold War and WW2 buildings and places: Nuclear bunkers, obsolete laboratories and warehouses for housing weapons and materials. Underground Railway tunnels and ruins, storage depots and forts.

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