Tours of Abandoned Underground Facilities

For most of us, abandoned places are places to be avoided. But for some people, they are the ideal location to explore abandoned architecture, empty spaces, and abandoned streets, or to find relics of society's primal life.

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Explore abandoned places around Europe

Explore abandoned buildings with video cameras, collect implements, weapons, and clues for your next underground project.

Explore abandoned or lost places around Europe ⚜︎

Urbex or Urban Exploring is the exploration of abandoned and off-limits urban locations, with its cousin Infiltration.

Entering The Lost Cave Of Kilfane ★★★★☆

Urban exploration descibe exploring abandoned buildings.

Welcome to Europe's coolest bus simulators. ★★★★☆

This is my story about exploring the abandoned and lost places around Europe.

Explore abandoned places near you.

Travelling is what brings together the online collective of AOAR. We derive immense personal satisfaction from exploring these sites of amnesia. We are obsessive about finding strange, forgotten, curious or abandoned places all around the world, at any time of the year. We also enjoy travelling with friends, exploring strange places or doing strange things on our way. Join us on our strange but fascinating journey on YouTube.

Exploring Abandoned & Lost Places Around Europe

We're your best resource for abandoned video interviews, breaking news, explorations of haunted locations, rare artifacts, and more. We are dedicated to chronicling the stories of the abandoned, taking visitors behind-the-scenes, and finding new stories to tell every week.

Abandoned and Lost Places Around Europe

Some places just speak to us: the vastness and the mystery, the loneliness and the disarray. Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration art and photography offers a glimpse into the lives of the humans that left the cities we now use and look back on.

⛔ Abandoned places and urban explorations ⛔

Mark your calendars. The international talk show host, journalist, and author of "The Only Game in the Village" will be in Manhattan to take part in a conversation about The Secret Life of Rats, Abandoned Buildings, Bunkers, and Underground.

⚠️ Explore abandoned places around the world ⚠️

Urban exploration is the exploration of buildings or structures that have been abandoned and forgotten. The hobby goes by many names such as UrbEx, Urban Exploration, Urban Exploring.

⛔ Find your next abandoned building ⛔

Those who wander will find beauty in the most forgotten of places. Hope's First Baptist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma was abandoned in 1976. Abandoned Places are full of wondrous, hidden stories. Urban Exploration is an enigmatic pursuit of the unknown.

Explore abandoned and lost places

Crush The Urban Exploration Plateau. This is a simple introductory course to get you going in exploring all the wonders of the abandoned world. Explore Abandoned Buildings, Urban Exploration Tips, and More.

What was life like in the past? ★★★★★

An ongoing trend in the world today is the undertaking of what's sometimes known as urban exploration. Urban explorers have been exploring abandoned abandoned places for a while now, painting murals on the walls and tagging the interior, a creative way to view a neglected city.

Explore abandoned places and urban exploration. ⛔

Let users download a map of a famous abandoned or lost place, and screenshot the app with a funny or unique caption.

Brief overview of a project ★★★★★

Urban exploration is the exploration of a building or a structure that has been abandoned and forgotten. This hobby goes by many names such as UrbEx.

Explore the History of Abandoned Places ★★★★☆

Urban exploration is the exploration of buildings or structures that have been abandoned and forgotten. The hobby goes by many names such as UrbEx.

A New Frontier: Global Warming

Explore abandoned places all over the world. Find rare artifacts, explore the dark forgotten places, while capturing moments of nostalgia and exploring history while doing so.

View abandoned places in depth ★★★☆☆

Photos, videos, interactive map for exploring abandoned places.

Explore Abandoned Places. See More. Share More.

Urban exploration is the act of navigating through abandoned, decaying, or otherwise inaccessible buildings.

Explore the best urbex locations ★★★☆☆

45+ hours of abandoned buildings, bunkers, underground locations, ghost towns, and more.

Discover the Lost World of World War 2 ★★★★★

Gone are the days when exploring old buildings was considered trespassing. Now, the government understands the value of preserving historic buildings and places of architectural significance for public education, historical awareness, and recreation. When exploring an abandoned building, you'll likely be met with dozens of places to explore, take pictures, and snap classic urban photos. There are sometimes long waits in the queue to enter vacant buildings, but for those lucky few who are able to go in, the rewards are well worth the wait.

Recently published article about abandoned places

You can explore abandoned places while using geolocation to map your progress.

Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration ★★★☆☆

Abandoning a place is a very personal decision. Generally, a place goes from abandoned to a place where people want to spend time because of a particular feeling or feeling which appeals to many people. Abandonment is a process, and indications of this change in a place through time, over a period of years. It occurs in the moment of the decision, and not as a result of a change visible to the naked eye.

Explore urban structures and abandoned places

Abandoned places are exciting locations for urban explorers to find. Other common terms for urban exploration are urban exploration, urban exploring, urban diver, urban explorer, urban explorer's guide, urban explorer map,.

The Creepy Carved Churches of Rome ★★★☆☆

Photojournalism is how I found that passion for urban exploration which has now manifested into a work that I do. Without a digital camera and darkroom and with a general lack of proper guidance and any scientific background, I started documenting and photographing urban exploration scenarios and abandoned places with a Leica M3.

Explore abandoned places around Europe ★★★★☆

Abandoned and Forgotten Places and Creative Urban Exploration.

Explore and research abandoned and lost places

Abandoned places are exciting locations for urban explorers; other common terms for urban exploration are urban exploration, urban backpacking, urban hiking, urban caving, urban spelunking, urban foraging.

The battle of the Somme

Explore Abandoned Places with Vigorous Taste. Our mission is to share the different hidden parts of our world with the people.

Check out our abandoned places! ★★★★☆

Exploring abandoned places, abandoned buildings or anything mysterious is a fun endeavor. With the growth of the photographic medium, more and more people are getting into this field of photography. In this post, we explore a few places for abandoned places and urban exploration.

Explore Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration

Discover the best settings for explore urbex sites with your friends. Find out everything you need to know about Europe's abandoned and lost places, before visiting them yourself.

This is the best urbex travel app ★★★★★

Traveling Europe and exploring abandoned and lost places that provide an immersive experience. Read about their history and find the best places to explore.


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